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costa rica dripbag
Costa Rica (SHB, EP)


Region: Various Regions

Growing Altitude: 1350m and higher, above sea level

Arabica Variety: Caturra, Catuaí

Milling Process: Washed, machine Dried

Body: Medium

Acidity: Well balanced


Light-medium roast (American roast)

Cup profile: caramel, sugarcane and malic acidity

Roasted date and batch number on packaging


Myriad coffee plant varieties, rich soils, high altitudes, and unique growing regions contribute to a popular and sought-after coffee cup profile. The interplay of these factors has allowed the country to achieve the reputation of producing some of the best coffee in Central America.

This type is the standard quality for SHB EP Costa Rican coffees. It can be grown in various regions within the country at an attitude of above 1350 meters. This is the ideal height for gourmet coffee.  SHB coffees exhibit unique qualities like citrus acidity and its complex combination of fruit and smooth chocolate notes. This coffee type represents the classic, clean, Central American cup.

  • SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude above 1350 meters. This term is also synonymous with SHG/Strictly High Grown; this classification is higher than HB.

  • EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material

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