These small heavenly pockets are perfect for coffee lovers who wants a convenient way to brew a delicious cup of coffee in seconds. You are guaranteed the same texture, the same taste and the same divine aroma each and everytime.


Every drip bag is able to cater to different preferences, simply adjust the amount of water to your liking, either for a stronger or lighter brew. 


Convenience doesn't mean that we compromise on the quality. We produce our drip bag coffee with the same quality, commitment and promises, like before.


  • Region: Guji zone, Oromia, Sidama city
  • Farm: Shakiso Woreda
  • Growing Altitude:  1700 to 1800m above sea level
  • Arabica Variety: Heirlooms
  • Process: Natural



  • Light roast
  • Cup profile: Mango, strawberry and prune acidity
  • Roasted date and batch number printed on packaging
  • Preferably consume within 2 months from the roasted date



This coffee grows in the Oromia region, one of Ethiopia’s largest regions. The farm is located in the Guji zone, the southern part of Oromia that borders on the Sidama and Gedeo zones.
The enterprise has 640 hectares with its own nursery sites to grow coffee seedlings.
During harvest, more than 300 coffee pickers harvesting coffee.

  • Only the ripest cherry is harvested and it is spread on raised beds the same day
  • Every two hours the cherries are moved, for at least 15 to 21 days, to ensure uniform drying while on the beds

Extra steps taken in sorting the coffee after it is hulled

Coffee Drip Bag, Ethiopia Guji, 10 bags/box, by Six Four Coffee


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