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We realised that the Dual screen is useful when you want someone standing opposite to you to see your scale parameters while you are brewing the coffee. The bight and sharp led display both the time and weight.


Apart from the dual screen feature, this scale has dual power supply too. It has a 1600mAh rechargeble battery (via Type-C cable) which can last you weeks or months, depending on your usage. Forgot to charge? No problem, you still can use with 3 x AAA batteries too.


The anti-skid silicone pad, and the anti-skid strips at the bottom of the scale is also a nice touch by them. This scale is a barista's best friend!



Dual display (press and hold T button for 3 seconds to enable the second display)

Display time and weight

Dual power: 1600mAh Type C charging cable, and/or 3 x AAA battery. 

Heat-resistant, anti-skid silicone pad

Anti-skid strips at the bootm to ensure that it sits nicely on the counter top

Package contents: Ghost scale, Type C cable, 3 x AAA battery, Silicone Pad

2 color options: Black and White

Ghost, Dual Screen Coffee Scale, by Cafede Kona


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