“A visual acuity of 6/4 means that you can see the smallest letters on the Snellen chart at 6 metres, when an average person can only see at 4 metres.“ 

Six Four signifies the vision and foresight of what we have for the company, starting on the home ground of Singapore and growing outwards to rest of Asia and beyond.


Before starting Six Four Coffee, James Kee was a RSAF pilot of 15 years. During his stint as a RSAF pilot, he had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and was introduced to various coffee cultures. After learning the art of coffee brewing and roasting overseas, feeling inspired and driven, he decided to venture into the F&B industry with no experience in neither business nor all the F&B stuff.


After understanding the F&B industry for the first couple of years, James started off Six Four with just 4 people, including himself in 2017. Today, Six Four Coffee is an established coffee beans roaster / coffee manufacturer and a one-stop coffee establishment with partners in Spain, China, Malaysia, Taiwan & Myanmar. Carrying reputable brands of espresso machines, coffee grinders and coffee tools & accessories.



The concept is simple! Get the right people who shares the same vision & passion on board and work as a team to achieve our goals. At Six Four Coffee, we believe in trust, mutual respect and responsibility. That’s why working hours doesn’t matter, it’s the effort that does. Regardless of position or role, everyone is vital in this family. We work hard, we also play hard!


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