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  • A full-bodied tea with a distinctive malty character and a hint of vanilla flavour and orange peel. Rooibos is a natural plant which grows in the South of Africa
  • Tea Quiero is a new and exclusive organic tea concept: perfectly packed in organic biodegradable bags that are flavourless, fully recyclable and have zero effect on the environment
  • Specially blended by leading tea industry experts to ensure that the subtle flavours and refreshing aromas are consistently delivered every time


With Tea Quiero, every cup of tea is a gift to the mind, body and spirit.


  • Packaging:  8 individual tiles in 1 box
  • Each tile has 1 biodegradable tea bag filter of 2g of loose tea leaves


About Tea Quiero:

At Tea Quiero, we believe that the very best tea comes from the most sustainable estates. That’s why our tea not only tastes superb but also complies with all fair-trade standards. This ensures that we use only the freshest, most recently picked leaves and seasonal ingredients. Our tea is grown and picked with the utmost care and in accordance with fair trade standards at 1000 metres above sea level in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka and Hunan, two of the world's pre-eminent countries for tea production.


The design of the Tea Quiero range is inspired in the cities and the beautiful tiles of Andalusia. 


About the tea tile miniboxes concepts:

The tea is packed in a biodegradable bag that allows the tea to be visible. When served, the tea may look loose, but it actually is securely held by the bag. The teabag is designed to provide the tea room with space to release its natural flavours and aromas, thereby ensuring that you receive maximum pleasure from your daily cup. Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop with the bag; our packaging is also made from 100% recycled materials.

With the convenience of Tea Quiero minibox’s waterproof design, you can place your used tea bag back in the box without worrying about a wet table.

Tea Quiero · Ronda Rooibos · Tea Bags (12 bags)

  • Expiry Date

    Six Four Coffee is the sole distributor of Tea Quiero in Singapore. Just like our commitment to delivering the finest coffee, we do not compromise on the quality of our products. In the rare event that the teas you receive have an expiry date of fewer than 6 months, please contact us, and we will gladly arrange an exchange for you.

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